Learn to Fly


Hang Gliding Lessons up to Elementary Pilot and Club Pilot Standards.


One & Two Day Hang Gliding Courses

Days one and two are suitable for those who wish to pursue hang gliding as a long term dream or for those just wishing to have an experience of flight on a hang glider.

These days form the start of the BHPA Elementary Pilot Course. BHPA daily membership is included as part of your package.

What to expect on your first couple of days:


We spend up to one hour in the classroom covering basic theory of flight and discussing what we expect from the day ahead.

Out on the hill

After assessing the weather and rigging the gliders, students take turns flying the glider in the wind. All flights are made with assistance from ground tethers, or sliding tramline tethers in lighter winds. The tethers allow you to really fly the hang glider safe in the knowledge that your instructor can over-ride your controls if necessary! Our structured training method starts with simply balancing the glider on the breeze and then progressing, when ready, to little hops. At your own pace and only when you are comfortable you progress to longer flights.

As well as learning the general feel of the glider, specifics such as correct body position, looking ahead and ‘relaxing’ in the harness are focused on. Glider rigging and derigging, preflight checking and basic ground handling are other important skills introduced. We finish by log book signing and debriefing.

Tandem Flights

Tandem flights can not be pre-booked as part of your lesson package but may be offered on the day at the discretion of the duty instructor. If you wish to participate only in a tandem flight please see our Airsports Sussex Tandem pages.

Buy a One or Two Day Course for yourself or as a gift

You will learn loads about the sport and have great fun!

Elementary Pilot or Club Pilot Training

For those wishing to progress to Elementary Pilot or Club Pilot levels we offer bespoke training so please feel free to discuss this with us either in person on your Day 1 & 2 or by email. Many thanks.

One Day Introductory Course – £165

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Two Day Introductory Course – £320

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