Raquel Rodriguez

“It’s been my first time free-flying and it’s been absolutely fantastic!!
During the whole flight Luke made sure that I was comfortable, explaining what was happening at all times, and making me feel relaxed and confident. We flew at the Devil’s Dyke, and the views were amazing.
I really encourage everyone to try at least once… and I will for sure repeat!”

Deborah Harding

“What a tonic for a horrendous week at work!?! Airsports Sussex promise you a smile and they deliver! I felt safe, well instructed, it was fun and it was a real pleasure to be around people who are clearly passionate about what they do.

We travelled down from Norfolk and wondered if we’d get there and have to turn back due to the weather but all of those things were considered, as best they could be, by the team to avoid a wasted journey. A very considerate, friendly service.

It was such a good experience! A great birthday present! I would definitely do it again and would highly recommend Airsports Sussex. Thank you for looking after us for the day :)”

John Price

“I have just had one of the best flying experiences of my life, a tandem hang glider ride with Luke, his pre flight explanations of how things go was great and climbing into the harness was interesting to say the least.
The flight was amazing feeling the lift and moving from one area to another
with Lukes explanations adding to the flight experience.
Certainly can reccommend this as a must do at least once with Luke”

Ian White

“Somewhat late with this review but… had a superb tandem hang glider flight with Luke last winter as a means to see how the brain of a former British and French national champion in the sport works! Leant loads to help my decision making for my own flying. Have since used Airsports Sussex again to do the same with a couple of tandem paraglider flights with Luke. Brilliant way for existing pilots to see how the experts do it. Looking forward to doing more when they get a high performance rigid wing tandem hang glider.”

Nigel Snow

“Wow – what an awesome experience – I’ve done some tandem flights before on Paragliders and Paramotors but this was something really different. You truly get the sensation of being a bird flying silently and effortless over the beautiful South Downs. Luke made me feel very safe. He gave me a thorough safety briefing – the take off was easy – and he chatted to me throughout the flight explaining what was going on at all times. An experience I highly recommend.”

Josh Cool, Age 10

“this is AWESOME!!!”


  “Luke gave me a good briefing in what to expect and the actions I had to take for the take off, flying and landing. I felt safe throughout the flight and really enjoyed it. Its great flying without a motor, smoothly and quietly and working with nature. After around 10 minutes we “looped back” for a smooth landing in the field behind take off. Great.

Tara Bentall

“Stunning flight with incredible 360 views of surprising landscape. No experience has ever been like it for me – moving in 3 dimensions so freely floating. Thank you so much”

Helen Didymus-True

“I had a fantastic tandem flight with Matt this weekend. Incredibly, by the time we took off I wasn’t even a little bit nervous – Matt’s expertise, utter calm and proficiency made me feel completely safe.

Being up in the air was incredible, and like nothing I’ve experienced before. This tandem flight was a fantastic opportunity to find out how it feels to fly like a bird while relying on someone else’s skills, and I’m hungry for more!”


“What an awesome experience. Really felt safe and relaxed with the pilot. He explained everything so well that I felt calm and confident. Loved the feel of freedom and stunning views. One of my most memorable moments. If you are thinking of giving this a try I would recommend it to anyone. You will love it.”

Andy Waye

“One way to overcome fear of heights. Absolutely fabulous day in the air – Thanks Matt and Luke!”