Your Pilots

Matt Lewis


Matt is the Senior Instructor at Airsports Sussex. He is also Senior Instructor at  South Downs Hang Gliding School in Sussex and has worked internationally for many years as a Tandem Pilot. Matts positive nature and steady character give confidence to those he takes flying and allows for a truly enjoyable experience. He feels that taking people hang gliding is the best job in the world because it fulfills other peoples’ dreams.


Luke Nicol  

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Luke is an Instructor at Airsports sussex. He spends every possible minute in the air- sometimes on paragliders and paramotors but mostly on his hang glider. Having flown as part of team GB for the last two years running he is currently ranked 1st in the UK and 5th in the world on rigid wing hang gliders.  Luke loves showing others the freedom of flying like a bird and his careful and friendly nature is appreciated by the people he takes flying.lukemug