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Secure in the knowledge that you are flying with the most experienced tandem hang gliding pilot in the UK: Matt Lewis BHPA Chief Flying Instructor. 

Look at life from a completely different perspective.


Experience the thrill of

free flight

Common questions answered:



Current technology has made hang gliding the safest it has ever been. It is an extreme sport and so has inherent dangers however Airsports Sussex pilots have a 100% safety track record and our have many years of experience. 


Tandem hang gliding is suitable for all ages and abilities however the minimum weight we can carry is 20 kg and the maximum is 95 kg. Under 18's will need a liability acceptance form signed by their parent / guardian. Passengers must be able to run steadily for a few steps on take off. It is the passengers responsibility to decide whether or not they are fit to fly (eg. not pregnant / heart conditions) and if in doubt should consult their doctor. We are happy to discuss any health issues or disabilities with you and will always do our best to accommodate any individual requirements where possible.

What happens on the day?

We first meet up and have an introduction and safety briefing at one of our two meeting locations. You will be asked to sign a liability acceptance form and your BHPA insurance. We will then go to our flying site and set up the hang gliders. You will be introduced to the equipment and then take turns to take to the skies. It's always a great day out and an exciting experience. Although you could be finished in a couple of hours please be prepared for a full day. The timings for the day will vary depending on the wind and how many people we have out. Please bring drinks, lunch and snack. All the locations have incredible views and are perfect for a picnic whilst watching this dramatic sport.

How long will I fly for?

The average flight time is about 15 mins. We rely on mother nature, so it can vary quite a bit, sometimes the flights are longer than average, sometimes a bit shorter. Generally people find that 15 minutes is the right amount of time to have this really incredible experience. Unseasoned flyers can find longer too much.

Where do we meet?

We generally either meet at Devil's Dyke pub in Poynings or Middle Farm Shop in Lewes and then proceed to our flying location together. .As our activities are weather dependent we will specify exactly where and when to meet on the phone message the evening before after the final forecast. Please see Booking Procedure for more details below.

Can I bring a friend to watch?

Bring along as many as you want. We may even have a spare tandem place on the day if they decide they would like a flight,

Will I be able to fly the glider?

We certainly like to give you a go at flying the glider as long as the conditions allow the pilot to hand over the controls to you.

When can I fly?

Please book a preferred day when you purchase your tickets. Hang gliding is weather dependant and relies on air currents in order to create flight. Part of the rigorous training that our pilots have undergone is in making appropriate choices about the weather conditions.. You may need to rebook your flight if the weather is not in your favour. This is the nature of all air sports that rely on air currents. We have a weather update the night before the planned flight at 7.30pm in order to confirm whether or not your flight can go ahead. We are available to fly seven days a week to ensure you have the best possible chance of getting in the air quickly. 


Refund policies

No refunds will be given if the passenger does not take a flight for any reason. It is the customers responsibility to book an appropriate day for flying. The flying voucher will last for 12 months and a flight must be taken with in this period. It is possible to extend the voucher for a further 3 months for an admin charge of £30.

Terms and Conditions

Please see our Terms and Conditions for further information.

Booking Procedure for

Tandem Hang gliding Flights

Once you have purchased your vouchers for your tandem flights the following procedure will apply for booking (you will be sent this information with your voucher):

  • Please let us know the date(s) you wish to fly via email

  • We will send you a confirmation email.

  • Phone 07746 714 604 after 7.30pm the day before you are due to fly. There will be an answer phone message regarding the weather suitability for the day you are booked and the time and place of meeting. 

  • If we are not going ahead please contact us via email with another date and repeat the procedure.

  • If we are going ahead then the message will tell you the meeting time and place, which will likely be either of the following:

Devil’s Dyke Pub, Dyke Rd, Poynings, East Sussex, BN1 8YJ        or           Middle Farm Shop, Middle Farm, Firle, Lewes, East Sussex, BN8 6LJ

Also please remember:

  • To bring windproof, warm clothing and trainers, lunch, snacks and a non-alcoholic drink.

  • Hang gliding and paragliding are potentially hazardous sports and you will be asked to sign a liability and acceptance on the day of your flight.

  • If you are under 18 please contact us in advance of your flight so that we can provide you with the appropriate forms for your parents / guardian to sign.

  • Hang gliding and paragliding are extremely weather dependant sports. Understanding the air currents and weather conditions is a large part of our pilots training and experience and for your safety and enjoyment we take considerable care over ensuring the weather is suitable for a flight without engines. This may mean that your flight can not go ahead on your booked day but please be assured that we are making the best choices possible about the weather conditions.

  • Contacting us: The best method to contact us is via email: 

  • We may not be available to answer the phone in the evenings after the last call and may not be able to answer calls if we are flying during the day. Please feel free to get in touch by email if you have any questions and if you would like us to call you by phone please do ask and we will call you back as soon as possible.

Booking Procedure
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