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Feel the rush of achievement & joy as your feet leave the ground using only the air currents

& a well designed wing.

Face any fear with the excellent support of

the most experienced 

Hang Gliding instructors in the UK.

These are days you will never forget.


Fledge and make your first flights in the heart of the spectacular 

South Downs National Park.


Please ask any questions via email or call on 07746714604 

- we would love to hear from you. 

Day 1 Introduction

What to expect:


Meet up and theory talk (1 hour): Essential flight theory, safety briefing and introduction

to the day.

Assess the weather & rig the gliders.

,Students take turns flying the glider in the wind assisted by ground tethers or sliding

tram line tethers in lighter wind. Tethers allow you to really fly the hang glider safe in

the knowledge that the instructor can override your control if necessary! You will

gradually build up your skill through our structured training method. You will start with

simply balancing the glider on the breeze, then progress when ready to little hops.

At your own pace and only when you're comfortable do you take longer flights.

Become familiar with the weight-shift control as you ride the air on these incredible

lightweight aircraft.

As well as learning the general feel of the glider, specifics such as correct body position,

looking ahead and "relaxing" in the harness are focused on.


Glider rigging and de-rigging, pre-flight checking and basic ground-handling are other

important skills introduced during the day.


We finish by log-book signing and debriefing.

This Experience Day is the Day 1 of the Elementary Pilot course (EP) and should you wish to pursue this incredible sport further it would be included as part of your EP training..

Tandem flights cannot be pre-booked as part of the Day 1 Introduction but may be offered on the day at the discretion of the Duty Instructor.

It's a great fun day out, you learn loads and have an experience only otherwise found in dreams!



Age 14 - never too old (under 18's need a parental consent form).

You must be in good general health and reasonably fit, please do get in touch if you have any questions about this.

There is an upper weight limit of 120kg

Day 1 & 2 training generally runs on Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays, although group bookings can made for any day of the week. We need a team of students and appropriate weather to make the day run at it's best so we always communicate with you to organise this so it works for everyone.


Day 2 Introduction to Hang Gliding


Maximise your fun with this Day 2 Introduction. Great for an incredible flying experience and for those who want to really test the air and see if they want to learn to fly hang gliders. Progress your skills and take a bit more time to relax into this unbelievable sport. Day 1 & 2 count towards your Elementary Pilot BHPA Qualification.

The structure of the day, restrictions and booking procedure are as for the Day 1 Introduction but you will have twice the experience to improve your skill levels.

Booking Procedure for

Training Days 1 & 2

Once you have purchased your vouchers for your training days the following procedure will apply for booking your Hang Gliding Training Days (you will be sent this information with your voucher):

  • Please let us know the date(s) you wish to fly via email

  • We will send you a confirmation email.

  • Phone 07746 714 604 after 7.30pm the day before you are due to fly. There will be an answer phone message regarding the weather suitability for the day you are booked and the time and place of meeting. 

  • If we are not going ahead please contact us via email with another date and repeat the procedure.

  • If we are going ahead then the message will tell you the meeting time and place, which will likely be either of the following:


Devil’s Dyke Pub, Dyke Rd, Poynings, East Sussex, BN1 8YJ        or        Middle Farm Shop, Middle Farm, Firle, Lewes, East Sussex, BN8 6LJ

Also please remember:

  • To bring windproof, warm clothing and trainers, lunch, snacks and a non-alcoholic drink.

  • Hang gliding and paragliding are potentially hazardous sports and you will be asked to sign a liability and acceptance on the day of your flight.

  • If you are under 18 please contact us in advance of your flight so that we can provide you with the appropriate forms for your parents / guardian to sign.

  • Hang gliding and paragliding are extremely weather dependant sports. Understanding the air currents and weather conditions is a large part of our pilots training and experience and for your safety and enjoyment we take considerable care over ensuring the weather is suitable for a flight without engines. This may mean that your flight can not go ahead on your booked day but please be assured that we are making the best choices possible about the weather conditions.

  • Contacting us: The best method to contact us is via email: 

  • We may not be available to answer the phone in the evenings after the last call and may not be able to answer calls if we are flying during the day. Please feel free to get in touch by email if you have any questions and if you would like us to call you by phone please do ask and we will call you as soon as possible..


Looking forward to some great flying, Matt Lewis.

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