Airsports Sussex Training School

Fully equipped and British Hang gliding & Paragliding Association (BHPA) registered

training school.
One Day Fun Introductory sessions through to full Club Pilot training (UK BHPA license).
Hang Gliding Holidays.

Our instructors are all active hang glider pilots with advanced pilot ratings and full

BHPA instructor licences. With over 25 years of continuous teaching of the sport,

both here and abroad, we have a wealth of experience to share with new pilots.

We are the most successful hang gliding instructors in the UK qualifying more pilots

than any other school!

Fun Experience Days

1 or 2 Day Introduction to Hang gliding



Make successive flights on Hang Gliders guided by tethers. All solo flights, for the first two days, are made with assistance from ground tethers or sliding zip-line tethers in lighter winds. These days are equivalent to the first day, or first two days, of the BHPA Elementary Pilot (EP) Course. Have a go and enjoy a great fun day out! If, after this experience, you want to carry on to the Elementary Pilot training then these days count towards your BHPA Elementary Pilot award. 

BHPA Elementary Pilot Training


Five days training lead toward the Elementary Pilot (EP) qualification. The program is designed to teach you from complete beginner through to your EP qualifying day. This sees the student flying high flights with good turns, takeoffs, and landings. The training includes over 50 flights, flight theory and the British Hang gliding and Paragliding (BHPA) Elementary Pilot Exam. Our experience and excellent tether methods ensure a safe progression from basic ground handling through to your first free flights.

All equipment is supplied. Our school gliders are the very best available, state-of-the-art modern wings which are easy to fly, super strong and stable.

Club Pilot Training

Once you have completed the Elementary Pilot Training you may well wish to carry on and become a fully fledged pilot with a Club Pilot (CP) BHPA rating. This generally takes a further 5 days training after the EP. The Club Pilot training involves progression on to higher launches and flying in the fully prone position. A progressive training method leads toward soaring flight. Three soaring flights and a theory exam complete the CP.

Students fly their own glider during CP training. Hang Gliders are transported by using car roof-racks.

Full annual BHPA membership is required as well as membership of your local area Hang Gliding club.

Paragliding to Hang Gliding Conversion


Paraglider pilots .... fly further and fly faster! Take the first step to flying Rigid Wing Hang Gliders. Six days of training are suggested to make the conversion from existing PG pilots to HG CP (Hill). The qualifying soaring flights can be completed on the hill with club coaches. Your paragliding experience makes this fast-track conversion very straightforward. Paragliding skills in thermalling and XC transfer fully to the hang glider so you can quickly reach cloudbase and enjoy the extra airspeed on your new machine.

Please email with any questions or to book your training contact us or use our online booking system. If using the online booking please make a note on it to say that you want to take this option for your training days.

Hang Gliding Hill Conversion


Spread your wings! If you learnt to fly hang gliders in the flatlands at a tow school you will soon want your hill endorsement. Two days training are initially suggested for the HG (H) rating. Less experienced pilots will need extra days. Soaring flights can be completed with club coaches. Hill flying liberates a tow pilot from airpark restrictions and launching fees. With this endorsement you can fly a huge range of spectacular flying sites in the UK and around the world.

Please email with any questions or to book your training contact us or use our online booking system. If using the online booking please make a note on it to say that you want to take this option for your training days.

Spread your wings ,,,

Cost £165 per Training Day

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